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Creative. Performance-Driven. Organised.

I'm a graduate in Process Engineering and Product Development specialised in Innovative Project Management, with experience in management through internships for multinational companies such as EDF and Airbus.

Studied at Cranfield University, United Kingdom, for the final year of the Université de Technologie de Compiegne (UTC, France) engineering programme. I was a change manager at EDF for six months and a 6-member project manager for Airbus and Air Products for 3 months. Successes included:
- introducing a perpetual calendar that reduced both the amount of interventions to perform and the risk of failure and incidents in a nuclear power plant;
- proving the effectiveness of a local shielding device for the Wire + Arc Additive Manufacture of titanium parts and of interpass rolling techniques on the microstructure refinement of large titanium aerospace parts.
From May to September 2016, I did a four-month Master's Thesis project for Air Products, focusing on the cryogenic cooling of Wire + Arc Additive Manufacture.

Colleagues know me as a highly motivated graduate, who can always be trusted in not only the generation of "Big Ideas", but also in their implementation. I believe understanding the business and the audience is key here, and is always worth the time you put in it.

In September 2016, I graduated from both the UTC in Process Engineering, and Cranfield University in Global Product Development and Management. This opportunity was given to me as part of a double degree offer to complete my French Diplôme d'Ingénieur while doing a one-year post-graduate MSc in the UK. This specialisation is tuned to meet the demands of internationally connected companies that are looking for employees equipped with a global understanding of manufacturing and service.

I am currently pursuing new opportunities, and can be reached either through this profile or by email at

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Management des projets innovants – UTC – 2016


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